Sudhanshu Sharma
Sudhanshu Sharma
Hindustani classical vocalist, performer & teacher

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Mahalo for sharing your beautiful gift of heartfelt songs and Music with all of us ! I feel very happy, grateful, supported and peaceful in your presence. It fulfils my need for knowledge and guidance, along with my need for freedom and expression. Thank you for all that you do !

Noelani Love, Hawaii, USA


Thank you for so beautifully providing profound learning experiences for us by your own example of devotion and love. When I hear the love you express in your music, I feel inspired to continue my own journey. Your teaching has made me feel brave in exploring my voice even when I am nervous about trying something new. Thank you for this great gift.

Stephanie Keiko Kong, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


When you sing, I feel Love and devotion, Happiness and Peace. When you sing, I remember who I am. When you
sing, I become nothing

Deva from England


It has been an honor to hear you play. It has been an even bigger honor to learn this “mystical” music from you that has fascinated me since I was in my teens. Thank you for opening your heart to us to share your beautiful song and voice. I feel as though I am permanently expanded ever upwards to God and all Divine….

Bonnie Augustine, North Carolina, USA


My family owns a small cabin by a lake in British Columbia, Canada. To my heart, the water of this lake is so beautiful and clear, imbibed with loving energy and life. My experience being your student for such a brief time was/is like that lake !

- Mike Daniel, Canada


Music, I believe, is a journey to our own self. A journey of self-discovery, realization and of 'being'. Though this journey is traveled all by yourself, it is the teacher, the guru, who lays the road, gives direction and sometimes drives us to the various milestones of this journey that is, inner peace and true magic!

We, all of us, tend to believe more strongly what we see or experience. And it is this peace, this true and pure music that I have experienced with my teacher, Mr. Sudhanshu Sharma that has made me believe in the power of music and has bestowed peace in my life. 

Gifted with a voice that could heal an ailing soul and skills that would make you respect him for his art, Mr. Sudhanshu Sharma is one of the finest teachers one would find. His unique style of blending music and science of sound, arranged in a relaxed and apt curriculum, is by far the best I have come across in my pursuit of finding my true voice and music.

- Mayank Sharma from New Delhi


It has been an honor to be able to learn the beauty of Hindustani Classical Music from you. Your magical voice and ways of teaching helped me sing for the first time. Your voice and vibrant energy brings mesmerizing tingling sensations into the room and to my soul.

Mandana Dabiri, Dubai, UAE


I was nearly twenty and I had a life that had a motive but no meaning of living. Music excited me but I had no musical background so I inculcated myself in singing occasionally, and the finest day of my life was when I got introduced to my Guru, Sudhanshu Sharma. I still consider myself blessed for that day. I started a routine of practicing Hindustani Classical Vocal lessons under his guidance, and I have not had a saddening day since then. My life has changed in a manner that is inexplicable. The way he introduced me to the scripts and literature of our musical culture in a practical and scientific manner never seemed boring or with less of energy. It was exactly the opposite. I had developed a deep connection and addiction for my practice lessons as my voice could float with those melodious ragas. I learned with every try, how beautifully the musical notes could be phrased and satisfy my soul with the voice coming out from within myself. His way of teaching and all the witty conversations groomed my overall personality. I have confidence in myself and my voice now.

- Anish Chhabra, New Delhi, India



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