Sudhanshu Sharma
Sudhanshu Sharma
Hindustani classical vocalist, performer & teacher

About Sudhanshu Sharma


Hindustani Classical Vocalist – Music Teacher and Performer

A Gold Medalist in Post-Graduation in Music from University of Delhi, Sudhanshu was initiated into music by Guru Shri Lakheshwar Choudhary from Assam. Later on he moved to New Delhi to train under Pandit Baldev Raj Verma, the prime disciple of Pandit Amarnath and one of the torch-bearers of the Indore Style of singing popularized by the legendary Ustad Amir Khan Saheb.

After a rigorous and meticulous training under his Guru, Sudhanshu’s singing rose to meet the professional standards and a fresh aesthetic appeal. True to the traditions of the ‘Indore Gharana’, his singing is marked by a serene and reposeful elaboration of the Raga, away from the ostentation and showiness that usually grips a musical performance. He seeks to remain in constant touch with his innermost musical impulses, exploring ways to give supple voice to the myriad ideas which surround his imagination. His recitals endeavor to create a dense, rich and radiant structure of the Raga – and nothing else!

Sudhanshu Sharma's Mission


Real Music happens when the Soul sings and the Soul listens

An approved Artist of the All India Radio, New Delhi, Sudhanshu has just begun his career as a performer of Hindustani Classical Vocal with many performances in the Middle East and south East Asia and performances in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Indore and Guwahati and invitations to perform in the US, Europe and Canada.

A recipient of the prestigious Tushar Pandit Memorial Gold Medal and Smt. V. Bani  Bai Ram Memorial Medal in Music, he is an internationally respected Guru as well with students all across the globe. He has many musical retreats, Lecture-Demonstrations and Music Talks to his credit.

He strongly believes that Art should have a bigger purpose of bringing hearts together and fostering better human relationships full of Peace and Love – both external and internal.

Music has always been an epitome of God Himself. That’s the reason why in Indian Classical music a due emphasis has been given to purity and classicism. Seven shuddha and five vikrit swars become a medium to align our soul with the Supreme.