Sudhanshu Sharma
Sudhanshu Sharma
Hindustani classical vocalist, performer & teacher

Music+ Bhakti

4 –11th May 2019


An odyssey to ‘The Island of Gods’, a journey into the divinity within, an experience of complete surrender to the healing and soothing sounds of Indian Music, the company of great musicians, Yogis, and divine souls, being in a surreal state of devotion -


Let the Rāgas, the Mantras and the Kīrtans create an ambience of tranquility and devotion through rich and powerful sonic experiences, facilitated by MUSIC + RETREATS.

After successfully conducting an intense and rejoicing retreat up in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal, we have chosen Ubud – the place of healing - to be our next destination for diving deep into the powers of Nāda Yoga – the Yoga of sound.

Sudhanshu Sharma – an internationally respected Indian Classical Musician and vocal teacher, and Chetana Meehan, a leading practitioner of Yoga and meditation, together with their team of dedicated and talented musicians and artists are going to take you once more through a deep immersion into chanting and vocal bliss.

Based on the inherent power of sound and voice, this glorious eight-day non-residential retreat will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a profound step towards the discovery of a new ‘YOU’.

We welcome you onboard if you are:

  • A vocalist seeking to dive deep into the nuances and know-hows of Hindustani Vocal music

  • A Raga/Music enthusiast who wants to understand and know more about the vast and juicy world of the Indian Ragas

  • A sound healer/practitioner who wants to soak-in into and incorporate the therapeutic sounds inherent in Indian Classical music

  • A Yoga Teacher/Therapist wanting to supplement your practices with the ancient Indian metaphysical system of Nāda Yoga – The Yoga of Sound

  • A Kīrtan Artist/Singer/stage performer who wishes to become technically sound and soulfully connected with the Music

  • A seeker/traveler willing to discover and re-discover your voice and ‘yourself’


  • Learning to discover and explore our voice and its possibilities under a nurturing and supportive guidance

  • Pranayama & Yogasanas – to accomplish the ideal balance of mind, body, and soul

  • Setting up a well-defined curriculum for practice and workouts in order to create ideal vocal health

  • Cosmic sound activations – Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha and Ni – the seven primary notes of Indian Music

  • Nāda Yoga – meditation through sound for toning up the voice

  • Working on vocal movements of Indian Music – Gamaks, Tāns Alankārs to improve flexibility of the singing voice

  • Basics and in-depth study of Indian Classical Music and Rāga Music

  • Mantra chanting and Kīrtan singing

  • Exploring the soundscapes of the Rāgas and their correlation to the physical elements of nature

  • Singing morning Rāgas with the rising sun over the ocean and singing the night melodies along with the humming of crickets in the forest

  • Excursion Trip – Tirta Empul Temple and one of the pristine beaches of Bali

The Venue

venue 3.jpg

Nalanda, Ubud, Bali

Your home for 8 Musical days

Nalanda means ‘giver of knowledge’ and was a once, a thriving monastic University in the ancient kingdom of Magadha (modern-day Bihar) in India, and is considered one of the first great universities in recorded history.

Nalanda Studio in  Penestanan, Ubud is a retreat space dedicated especially to the in-depth study and practice of the Sacred Arts of Yoga, Music and Bhakti. It is a sister studio of the established and most beautiful Intuitive Flow Yoga Studio in Ubud by Linda Madani.

The place boasts a lush garden with temple sights, high-ceiling wooden-floored consecrated studio space with wood carved details, a jungle view and river access.

It is a newly built space and we are proud and honoured to be one of the first internationally hosted Retreats at Nalanda in Ubud with MUSIC + BHAKTI!

Ubud is the cultural and spiritual heart of Bali. It is home to ancient temple sites and unique Hindu spiritual practices, which have ancient roots but are very much alive in the present day.

Surrounded by lush rice fields and coconut trees, Ubud literally means 'healing'.

True to its meaning, the area has been a healing vortex for local and international people

Bhakti (the path of devotion) is a natural way of life in Bali, especially in Ubud. It's simply magic being here, and once you have experienced it you will wish to come back again and again.

Venue 1.jpg

The food will be organic, vegetarian, and healthy!

We will offer fresh organic cuisine, artfully prepared with local seasonal ingredients. We start our day with a nutrient-packed juice or smoothie and fresh tropical fruits, and enjoy light salads and traditional Balinese cuisine for lunch. Ubud cuisine is inspired by a wide variety of international tastes, and we will follow that inspiration to cater to the palates of our participants from different parts of the world. Herbal teas and healing elixirs will be tasted and served during the afternoon.

The Joys & Pleasures

tirta empul 1.png

Benefits this experience will give you...

This musical immersion in Bali will definitely turn out to be a worthy decision for you!

The retreat will enable you to:

  • Channelize your breath the right way, thus helping you cope with stress and anxiety

  • Dive deeper into the nuances and know-how  of Hindustani Vocal Music

  • Understand the basics of Raga Music and its vast expansions

  • Blissfully blend the therapeutic sounds inherent in Indian Classical Music into your day-to-day life

  • Supplement your Yoga practice with the ancient Indian metaphysical system of Nāda Yoga – the Yoga of sound

  • Become more technically proficient and soulfully connect with the musical notes

  • Learn various Mantras and Kirtans - authentic ones!

  • Find the balance between mind, body and soul through Yoga and meditation practices

  • Explore and re-discover your voice and ‘yourself’

Inclusions &  Pricing



  • Excursion trips to Tirtha Empul Temple and one of the beautiful beaches of Bali.

  • Delicious vegetarian food at Nalanda (buffet meals): from lunch on day one to afternoon tea on day eight.

  • Free drinks table (herbal teas, coffee and water)

  • Fresh fruits

  • Entry fees to temples and sites visited

  • All Music, Yoga and Meditation classes: Raga Music, cosmic sound activations, Yoga postures, meditation practices


  • Your international round-trip flights

  • Indonesian visa

  • Retreat accommodation (see the suggested places for accommodation below)

  • Food and beverages (personal orders), laundry, incidentals, additional services, personal phone calls or other activities not already mentioned

  • Souvenirs and shopping sprees

  • Tips for drivers (when not on group-arranged transportation), porters, housekeeping, resort and restaurant staff

  • Travel insurance including medical, loss and trip cancellation or interruption insurance (which is a requirement to attend the retreat)

  • Medical supplies (a basic first aid kit will be available)


Suggested accommodation places near the venue:

Nalanda is situated in the neighboring village of Penestanan in Ubud. Penestanan is a bustling, cozy, friendly and yet fairly quiet neighborhood, with a local village feel set amidst lush rice terraces, four kilometers  from the beating cultural and tourist center of Ubud. Below are a few accommodations we suggest within walking distance of Nalanda. If you are keen to explore other accommodation for yourself, we suggest you view in the Penestanan Ubud area, specifically Penestanan Kelod.

The following are our suggested places to stay:
Saka Village, Ubud:
Bali Dream Resort, Ubud:

Music Retreat Pricing

Pricing Options:

  • Full Pricing with Meals:$1457USD (includes breakfast+Lunch+evening Tea)

  • Full Pricing without Meals:$1195USD(excluding Breakfast+Lunch+evening Tea)

  • Half day Pricing with Meals:$865USD(includes Breakfast only & excludes Lunch+afternoon sessions)

  • Half day Pricing without Meals:$745USD(excludes all meals and afternoon practice sessions)

NOTE: Separate pricing options are available for Indian students. Please e-mail to know more.

For any queries, suggestions, or details, please do not hesitate to contact us on:

Stay connected with us:


Any cancellation made up to 31st March 2019 will result in the loss of the non-refundable deposit of USD $745.  Any cancellation made between 1st April and 3rd May 2019 or no shows will result in a total loss of funds.  We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum (if we do, your money will be refunded in full). If you wish to cancel your reservation, it must be done in writing or via email and the cancellation will be effective as of the date Music + Retreats receives it.  Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended, whenever making travel plans.