Listening to, or performing a Raga never was, and is a mere pronouncement of a musical structure, set within the boundaries of notes, rhythm and phrases. It is the vast exposition of myriad thoughts and moods coming together to form in an aural image. The ability to portray moods and colors through note patterns in Indian classical Music is unique, profound and overwhelming. It's not just the note where one's put up...it's the whole journey of travelling to that note and moving away from it to catch another one. It is the vast tapestry of notes inter-weaved in an aesthetic manner to create that huge boulevard of mood flows.

life's become too fast in today's times. everyone's in a rush. even the artist singing the Raga and the audience listening to it. Nobody has time for nobody. The caliber of an artist is judged within a finger snap. But Raga has not moved anywhere. It used to need time to show its full colors...and still continues to do so..it's only that we have come too far away from it because of our pacey lifestyles and attitude.

We need to move back towards the raga !!!

Sudhanshu SharmaComment